Company Services

FPGA and ASIC design services:

  • Design microarchitecture
  • Writing design specifications
  • Design in any FPGA type according to customer preference
  • Verilog or VHDL modeling according to customer preferences
  • Simulation and integration in customerís environment
  • FPGA prototyping option – design any FPGA type for any ASIC vendor
  • Synthesis, scan, insertion and ATPG, BIST, layout, timing analysis
  • Board design for validation of system

Reference designs:

  • MPEG encoding and decoding
  • Sensor timing control (CDS and CCD)
  • Multi-frame integration
  • Digital zoom (fractional, flip options)
  • DSP interfacing
  • Interface to VGA screen
  • Video encoder design
  • Various parts of demodulator for DVB-H, CMMB
  • Components of WHDI modem
  • SDRAM and DDR controllers
  • Packet header parser
  • Queue manager (QoS)
  • Femtocell data receiver processor
  • RFIF